Catchup games.

 The 14/2 and 21/2 round 2 games have been scheduled for THIS SUNDAY - 27th of April.

Team Date Kick-off Against Location
U14/2 Sunday 27/April  1:15 pm  Castle Hill United  Fred Caterson #3
U21/2 Sunday 27/April  3:00pm  Castle Hill United  Fred Caterson #3

Round 1 Home games likely to be scheduled for Sunday the 4th of May  (U10, U14, U21).

Round 2 Home games likely to be scheduled for Sunday the 11th of May (U9, U11, U12, U16, AAM/6, AAM/7, AAM/9)

These are yet to be confirmed, full details on these when we have them.

Players Needed!

Our U10, U11 and U16 squads are still looking for players.  

For U10s and U11s, come down on Wednesday nights and ask for Noel.  For U16s, Tuesday nights and ask for Solomon.

Note - registrations must be done by Tuesday nights to play on the following Saturday. 


Laws of the small games - Small sided game handbooks

From below you can download the handbooks for the Small Sided games U6, to U11.

Note, U6 and U7 are the same, U8 and U9 are the same, U10 and U11 are the same.

Under 6   Under 7   Under 8  Under 9  Under 10  Under 11


Granville Waratah
is small but strong club with a long history located on the eastern edge of Parramatta City. The history of the club has been traced to at least 1920 1901, which makes it the oldest Junior Club in the Granville Association. 

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General Information: (links updated - 8/Mar/2014)

• Street maps showing Playing Fields are available from the "Grounds" link on the Association front page.
Click Here for instructions on getting to our home ground - "Robin Thomas" reserve.
• Don't understand why you were called offside and he wasn't called handball - try the "FIFA Laws" site to find out. Always remember that many of the rules refer to the "Opinion" of the referee. There are many Popular Misconceptions".  For that old bug-bear - the offset rule, try this "FIFA Video".
•  Please see the Committee page for contact numbers and e-mails.
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