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28 March 2017

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Round 1 is this coming Saturday!!!

(Note - U11 and U12 training - from 6:30pm on Wednesday and Thursday)

We are hoping that we can get at least a couple of days of solid training before playing round 1 this coming.  The weather may still hurt - with rain likely on Thursday.   The amount of rain will determine if we play on Saturday, with a decision only likely late Friday.  Please check here on Friday afternoon for an update!


Could everyone, particularly those new to the club this year, please read the  current newsletter.  It has articles on how to find where and when your team is playing including an explanation of the "Draws & Results" button, above, and the new way finding this out - My Game Guru!.   "My Game Guru" is an iOS and Android App which is likely to to become the best way to find your game details.  The newsletter explains this and other details about game days.


We will also put the details here for round 1 - but "My Game Guru" or "Draws and Results" are the preferred approaches.  Remember - "Robin Thomas Reserve" is our home ground.

WARNING - At "Kick Off Time" players must be on the field and ready to play. If not enough players are there at that time - no game!   You must arrive earlier - ask your coach how much earlier, but at least 20 minutes!!  Also allow time to find parking.


Team Kick Off Time Against


Use "Ground Locations" link above to find them

U8 /Green   BYE - No Game this week  
U10 /1   BYE - No Game this week  
U8/Red 08:30 Parramatta City Eric Primrose Reserve 1B
U6/Green 09:00 Auburn FC Webbs Avenue 3A
U6/Red - BLK* 09:00 Granville Waratah WHT Robin Thomas Reserve
U6/Red - WHT* 09:00 Granville Waratah BLK Robin Thomas Reserve
U9/Red 09:30 Parramatta City BLK Eric Primrose Reserve 1B
13/2 09:30 Regents Park Robin Thomas Reserve 
14/2 09:35 Wenty Waratah Ted Burge Sportsground 
U7/Blue 09:45 Lidcombe Waratah WHT Robin Thomas Reserve
U7/Red 10:00 Auburn District Progress Park 1
U8//Blue 10:00 Dundas United Robin Thomas Reserve
U10/2 10:15 Rydalmere FC WHT Rydalmere Park 2D
U7/Green 10:30 Rydalmere FC Robin Thomas Reserve
U9/Blue 11:00 Lidcombe Waratah WHT Robin Thomas Reserve
12/3 11:00 Newington Wilson Park 2
YOUTH/1 (U17) 11:00 Merrylands SFC Robin Thomas Reserve 
11/3 11:20 Rydalmere FC WHT Robin Thomas Reserve
15/2 13:00 Toongabbie BLK Girraween Park 3


* Our two U6/Red teams will be playing each other this week.  The U6/Red-BLK team is the official home team so is responsible for the team sheet and will need to wear training bibs over their team shirts.

 Unsure of your team - see the message below about team allocation emails!



Coaches and Managers meeting

Monday 27th MARCH, 7:00pm in the club-house.

CHANGED TO Thursday the 30th March.  7:30PM in the club house.

The reason is that the association is calling a meeting of coaches, particuarly full field team coaches on Monday the 27th.  This is for an introduction to recent changes to the laws of the game.  Please let Tony know if you want to attend.


Team allocation e-mails

We have from Thursday (23rd March) to Saturday (25th),  sent e-mails to all players/parents indicating which teams they are in.  

If you have not received this e-mail please check your junk mail folder.  If you can't find it, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. via e-mail with the name of the player, and he will send you the details (and ensure we have the right e-mail address for you in the system)

You will need to know this to know where to go on Saturday, particularly if training is again washed out.

Mini-Roos coaches (U6-U11) training session.

Now rescheduled for Wednesday the 5th of April, after training.

We encorage not only coaches, but other parents  to come along as well. We will need some parents to referee games, others to help the coaches if they can't make it, so as  many as parents as possible should come along. These are normally a bit of fun, as well as teaching you what your kids will be learning and why.


The final team gradings are now out.  Some teams will change their designation.  This will be important to know when viewing the draw:

U6.  The U6/Brown team will now be known as U6/Green.  

       The U6/Blue team will now be known as U6/Red-White.

       The U6/Red team will now be known as U6/Red-Black.

         Note - the U6/Red-White and U6/Red-Black are playing in the same compeition. This will become important when understanding the DRAW. More details soon.

U9/Green is now U9/Red

U9/Blue is now U9/Green

U10/Lowest is now U10/2

U10/3 is now U10/1

U13/3 is now U13/2

U17/1 is now "Youth/1"




The laws of the game have changed!!

The laws (rules) of our game (full field version) have changed for this season. There have been some 90 or so changes to the rule-book, through many are just clarifications (e.g. indirect free kicks - the ball must clearly move, no taping the ball and calling it a kicked) or tidying up of the english.  But some are significant and obvious - you have probably seen in other games that they have finally given up on getting you to kick the ball forward on kick-off, it can now go backward.  In some cases, less red cards (last-man fouls in the penalty area are now a yellow rather then a red) but in other cases more.   More direct free kicks, some tidying up of the offside rule and much more.

We hope to have a good summary of the changes available soon from our local refs association.  But in the meantime - here is the actual law book for 2016/2017, changes highlighted.  Here is the FFA summary of the changes and here is the offical detailed list of changes.

The official refs are doing courses on the changes, but to be frank, there are a lot of changes and some are complicated, so it will take a while for us all to come up to speed.  And many club refs will be further behind, so be patient!

Changes to bring the min-roo games into line have been proposed, hopefully they will be accepted and out soon!



Granville Waratah
is small but strong club with a long history located on the eastern edge of Parramatta City. The history of the club has been traced to at least 1901, which makes it the oldest Junior Club in the Granville Association. 

If you have any comments or constructive criticism on our web site, please feel free to email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


General Information: 

• Street maps showing Playing Fields are available from the "Grounds" link on the Association front page.
Click Here for instructions on getting to our home ground - "Robin Thomas" reserve.
• Don't understand why you were called offside and he wasn't called for handball - try the "FIFA Laws" site to find out. Always remember that many of the rules refer to the "Opinion" of the referee. There are  Popular Misconceptions".  For that old bug-bear - the offset rule, try this "FIFA Video".
•  Please see the Committee page for contact numbers and e-mails.
Football NSW Insurance Scheme details and claim forms can be found here