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03 September 2015

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Grand-Final Time!!

Congratulations to the U12's who won their way to become our second grand finalist team this year. The U15s went down after lifting a lot higher from the semi-final and whilst their season is now over, they take comfort in how much better they played this week.

The U12s will be meeting Dundas for the 3rd time in about 5 weeks, and the O35s will be meeting Pendle Hill.  Both games are expected to be tough and exciting games - well worth watching.  We need plenty of support from the side-lines to cheer our teams on.

Draft Game details.  As usual, please confirm later in the week. 

Team Against



U12 Dundas  8:55  Guildford Park 2
O35s Pendle Hill  12:20  Guildford Park 2  


Please note - there will be a presentation after these games, which may be after extra time and penalty shoot-outs, so please allow plenty of time.   U12s  may be required until after 11.


WARNING - Times above are Kick-Off times.  Players need to be at the field well before the game.  Coaches will likely tell you when, but if not, 40 minutes before kick-off.  Parking in the area will be tight, particuarly for the later games.   


Trophy Presentation Day - 20 September

Our Annual Trophy presentation day will be on Sunday the 20th of September, at our home ground, Robin Thomas reserve. 

The day will start at about 11:30am, finishing up at about 3pm.  A free BBQ lunch will be provided for players.  There will be some fun games including our traditional favourite, the team-vs-team tug of war!   This is to be followed by the presentation with photos to be returned at the end of the day.




Summer Football

We often get asked about summer football.  We don't do that oursevles, but "Insideout football"  is an orgnisation runing summer football (5 a side Futsal) in Homebush, which may interest some of you.

The age groups and times as follows:


    Under 6/7 and Under 8/9 - play Saturday morning.9 am - 11am

    Under 10 - Under 14's - play Wednesday Afternoons 5.00pm - 7pm

    Under 14 - Under 16's play Friday afternoons 5.00pm - 7.30pm

Competitions start 7th September.  Their flyer contains more contact information.  The have oftered a 50% discount to those from Granville Waratah, make sure you mention us to get this.
Note - I think they will may want whole teams (at least 5), not indivuals.  .  But if you are interested, please contact them.


Club Special General Meeting - 20 Sep, 1:30pm.

The club is holding a Special General Meeting on presentation day - Sunday 20th Sep.  At approximately 1:30 at Robin Thomas Reserve (after lunch, before the presentation).  Two things are to be considered:

Club constitutional update.

The club must update its constitution - the document which is the legal basis for the running of the club.   A package has been created containing the proposed new constitution, an explanation and various other relevant documents.  

The package (as a zip file) is available here.  The "README.pdf" file lists the files in the package.  The file ConstitutionUpdateExplaination.pdf explains it all and is where you should start. 

Proposed Change to the club name

We will consider if we should change the club name.  Two possibilities are to be discussed as for legal reasons we must propose particular resolutions.  The two proposals are:

    Parramatta Granville Waratah Soccer Football Club Inc.

    Parramatta Waratah Soccer Football Club Inc.

Note - we can choose just to leave it as it is!!



Due to the current constitution, voting on the constitution is restricted to:

    Coaches/Managers  (either officially registered or, for those teams where we did not bother with this, those who are on my mailing list as contacts for the team).

    Adult players who were fully paid by 1st March. 

    One parent from each family where at least one child was fully paid by 1st March.

    Life Members.

The quorum will be the members present and 3/4 must vote in favour to pass.


If the constitution change is passed, a vote on the name is extended to also include:

     Any Adult player who was fully paid up by 22-June-2015.
     One parent from each family where at least one child was fully paid up by 22-June-2015, and all others were fully up paid at the end of the season.

The quorum is also changed by the new constitution - it will be 10 people presenting at least 7 teams.

The new constitution allows proxy votes.  A person attending may cary two proxy votes (in writing and signed) which be given to Tony before the meeting.  

Again - 3/4 must vote in favour to pass.

 The club committee strongly recommends the constitution update be accepted.    



Granville Waratah
is small but strong club with a long history located on the eastern edge of Parramatta City. The history of the club has been traced to at least 1901, which makes it the oldest Junior Club in the Granville Association. 

If you have any comments or constructive criticism on our web site, please feel free to email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


General Information: 

• Street maps showing Playing Fields are available from the "Grounds" link on the Association front page.
Click Here for instructions on getting to our home ground - "Robin Thomas" reserve.
• Don't understand why you were called offside and he wasn't called for handball - try the "FIFA Laws" site to find out. Always remember that many of the rules refer to the "Opinion" of the referee. There are  Popular Misconceptions".  For that old bug-bear - the offset rule, try this "FIFA Video".
•  Please see the Committee page for contact numbers and e-mails.
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