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First Game - 11-April.

Training Starts first week of March (most teams)

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28 March 2015

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Coaching Courses.

The Association is running coaching courses for junior coaches,

There are courses for 5 to 9 year olds, 9 to 13 year old and 13 to 17 year olds.

Details here.

The club will cover the cost of the fee for any club coach who wishes to attend.

You will need your FFA number.  If you don't know it, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Trial Games - 28th March.

 Changes Made - Thursday Afternoon.  U7/B U8, U11, U14, U15

Trial Game details so far are below.  (Note - U11 is at 9AM, U10 at 10am).  U12 and U13 - looks like we haven't managed it.

NOTE - Times are "kick off" times.  If coaches have not otherwise given you a time to be there, players should be there half and hour before this time.

These Games will be at Eric Primrose Reserve (John Street, Rydalmere) - at short 10 minute drive from Robin Thomas.


Team Time Against Field
U6/A 8AM Parra City U6/Blue 1
U6/B 8AM Parra City U6/Green 1
U7/A 9AM Parra City U7/Blue 1
U7/B  9AM NOW 8AM Parra City U7/Green 1  2
U9 (A) 9AM Parra City U9 2
U11  U10 10AM Parra City U10 2
 U15  9AM  Pendle Hill  


These Games be at Progress Park (Wellington Road, Auburn).

Team Time Against Field
U7/C 9:30 Auburn District U7/C  
 U8  9:00  Auburn District  
 U11  9:00  Auburn District  
U9 (B) 11:00 Auburn District 9B  
 U14  10:00  Auburn District 13/2  
U17/3 1PM Auburn District 17/2  


Tony will be at the club house from (about) 10am to 11am Saturday for some of the later playing teams to buy shorts/socks.



Training and Coaching details

Use the read-more button for details.


Read more: training

We can take a small number of 6s and 7s.  

We might create another U8 or U9, but we would need about 4 more players to make that happen.


U10 to U13 and U17 are full. 

U14 - one spot - talk to coach.

U15 can take a few more.

AAM/10 squad - you must already be on the list.

AAM/8 squad - looking for a few more players.  

    AAM/8 Training on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30, ask for Gerry.


Registration for 2015 

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In person registrations.  At the training sessions, 6PM to 7 PM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.   At the clubhouse at Robin Thomas Reserve

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Granville Waratah
is small but strong club with a long history located on the eastern edge of Parramatta City. The history of the club has been traced to at least 1901, which makes it the oldest Junior Club in the Granville Association. 

If you have any comments or constructive criticism on our web site, please feel free to email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


General Information: 

• Street maps showing Playing Fields are available from the "Grounds" link on the Association front page.
Click Here for instructions on getting to our home ground - "Robin Thomas" reserve.
• Don't understand why you were called offside and he wasn't called for handball - try the "FIFA Laws" site to find out. Always remember that many of the rules refer to the "Opinion" of the referee. There are  Popular Misconceptions".  For that old bug-bear - the offset rule, try this "FIFA Video".
•  Please see the Committee page for contact numbers and e-mails.
Football NSW Insurance Scheme details and claim forms can be found here